Women’s Divorce

Women choose WSM because we provide a holistic approach to divorce, designed for women. At WSM, our experienced Ohio Divorce Attorneys help women plan for life after divorce. Every strategy decision is targeted toward that goal.

A divorce or custody case can be terrifying. You don’t know what to say, how to act, what’s important, what’s not. It is like trying to avoid landmines in the dark.

Turn on the lights.

At WSM our Columbus Divorce Attorneys empower women with the law. The moment a woman becomes a Wife or a Mother, she is vested with powerful Constitutional rights. Knowledge of the law and of your family’s overall financial picture creates choices, leverage, and valuable peace of mind. At WSM, our goal is for you to make informed decisions about the rest of your life. Our Divorce Lawyers will teach you the law, act as your guide, and advocate vigorously for you in every hearing and settlement negotiation.

Women prepare for, experience, and move on from divorce differently than men. Whether you were the primary income earner for your family or if you decided to stay home to raise the kids, your needs and concerns are going to be different than those of your partner.

Women who have gone through divorce report wishing they had more support from counselors, support groups, and financial planners. Even when these resources were utilized, women report wishing they had utilized these resources sooner. For example, speaking to a financial planner about making assets last to retirement and planning a post-divorce budget, before filing for divorce gives some women valuable peace of mind.

What studies make clear is: women want a plan, and women want a team.

At WSM, our first priority is working with you to establish your goals and chart a clear course to the future you want. If that future isn’t clear, our attorneys can help show you all of your available options, whether that’s with regard to your finances or your children.

Education about the law and the legal process is the key to staying sane during what could be the most difficult period of your life. Knowing what is happening in your case, and why, will allow you to fully participate in the legal action that will forever change your finances and your children’s future. At WSM, we want you to have the knowledge and ability to ask questions about your marriage’s de facto date, about whether to hire a vocational evaluator, or about the status of discovery responses and when we should file a Motion to Compel.