High Asset Divorce Lawyer for Women in Indianapolis

For most people, divorce is a painful and stressful experience. A high net worth divorce can be particularly difficult as valuing and dividing significant and complex assets is time-consuming and requires professional legal counsel.

A high asset divorce involves separating property, self-owned businesses, pension accounts, stocks and bonds, bank accounts, and other high-value assets in a just and fair way. To do that, it is important that you have representation from a family law attorney who is experienced in high-asset divorces.

In addition to complex property division, your case may also involve child support beyond the legal guidelines and spousal maintenance. How these factors are settled in your divorce decree will have an impact on you and your children for many years to come, so it is essential that you do everything possible to secure your future.

Woodford Sathappan McGee – Providing Exceptional Representation For Women Facing High Asset Divorce

Our Indianapolis high asset divorce lawyers are dedicated to helping women navigate family law matters in Indiana, including those involving high assets, offshore accounts, business valuation, and complex marital estates. Our goal is to empower women with knowledge of their rights and give them the confidence to move forward with their lives after divorce.

At Woodford Sathappan McGee, we provide legal services exclusively to female clients; this means that we are deeply attuned to women’s needs and are committed to their futures.

We foster an attorney-client relationship based on trust and understanding. We take the time to understand what’s important to you and give you the legal guidance you need to act from a place of clarity. We will mediate between you and your ex-spouse where possible, and where necessary, we will litigate on your behalf in the courtroom.

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Separate and Marital Property in Indianapolis, IN

Dividing property is usually one of the biggest concerns in a high-asset divorce. In Indiana, property division must be done in a ‘just and fair manner’, known as equitable distribution. When dealing with complex assets determining what is fair is challenging, and it is important that you have an Indianapolis high asset divorce attorney to represent your interests.

The first thing your attorney will help you to do is to divide your property into separate and marital.

Separate Property

Separate property is assets that were owned by either spouse before they were married, as well as gifts and inheritance. Any assets that are considered separate property are not divided and continue to belong to each individual after divorce.

In order to keep separate property, you will need to ‘trace’ that property. Tracing property involves providing evidence that it belongs to you. It can be highly complex but it is essential to prevent it from being subject to division. A high asset divorce lawyer can help you trace property and protect your assets.

Marital Property

Marital property is assets that either spouse obtained while they were married to each other, with the exception of gifts and inheritance. In Indiana, which is an equitable distribution state, marital property must be split in a ‘just and fair manner’.

To determine what is just and fair, a judge may consider factors such as:

  • Each spouse’s needs.
  • The length of the marriage.
  • The financial contribution of each spouse.
  • The custodial parent.
  • The potential of each spouse to earn money and be financially secure.

Prenuptial Agreements

Prenuptial agreements or postnuptial agreements are common in high-net-worth divorces. They are created to keep assets separate if a couple decides to divorce. It is important to know that these agreements are not always enforceable. Whether you need help enforcing an agreement xfor are concerned that one may hinder your ability to be financially secure after your divorce, our Indianapolis family law attorneys can help.

How Are High-Value Marital Assets Divided?

A high-net-worth divorce lawyer from Woodford Sathappan McGee will first use mediation to help you and your ex-spouse come to an agreement about how to divide your property. We will ensure that your rights and interests are protected and that you make decisions that are in line with Indiana family law. The judge will then review your agreement and determine whether they approve the decisions you have arrived at.

If you and your ex-spouse cannot come to an agreement using mediation, then your attorney will represent you in court. The judge will then make rulings on your behalf. However, this is time-consuming and costly, and a judge will usually expect couples to at least try to come to agreements on their own first.

When dividing high-worth assets, there are many considerations to ensure a fair outcome. It is essential you have experienced representation who has navigated high net worth divorces before. Your attorney may use third-party expertise to track down hidden assets and offshore assets to ensure they are accounted for. Otherwise, you could end up with less than what is rightfully yours.

Child Custody in a High Asset Divorce in Indianapolis, IN

In Indiana, parents are granted legal custody and physical custody.

Generally, parents will share custody unless one parent poses a risk to the child’s wellbeing, and this is evidenced in court.

Legal Custody

Legal custody is the right to make important decisions in regard to a child, such as their religious practices, schooling, and medical care.

Physical Custody

Physical custody is the time each parent spends caring for their child. Although it may seem that a 50/50 split would be the fairest arrangement, this is often impractical. The court will make decisions based on a child’s best interests, which involves creating stability where possible.

Usually, one parent will be the custodial parent who the child will live with for the majority of the time, while the other parent is granted visitation rights. A standard visitation schedule is one weeknight each week and every other weekend.

How is Child Custody Determined in Indianapolis, IN?

Your attorney will use mediation to help you and your ex-spouse make a parenting plan that is in the best interests of your children. When you arrive at a parenting plan using mediation, you can come to personalized arrangements. However, at Woodford Sathappan McGee, we help clients with even the most complex child custody cases and will represent you in court if necessary.

When determining who the custodial parent will be, the judge will consider factors such as:

  • How involved each parent has been in the child’s life, such as who takes them to doctor appointments or attends school events.
  • The child’s access to their community, such as their school, friends, church, and other family members.
  • How willing each parent is to accommodate visitation for the other.
  • The ability of each parent to meet their child’s needs now and in the future.
  • The time commitments of each parent, such as how many hours they work each week and how much time they can spend with their child.
  • The mental and physical health of each parent.

Spousal Support in a High Asset Divorce

During divorce proceedings, one spouse may fight for spousal support payments. If successful, the other spouse will be required to pay them a specified amount each month. Spousal support payments are often not granted in divorce; however, in high net worth divorces, they are more likely.

Spousal support payments are a way of ensuring that both spouses can maintain the standard of living they have become accustomed to while they are married. In a high-asset divorce, it is more likely for one spouse to earn significantly more, which is why spousal support payments are more likely to be a requirement of their divorce.

There is no formula for determining spousal support payments in Indiana, so determining how much is owed is complex. It is important to have a high-asset divorce attorney who is fighting to protect your future.

Some factors that can be considered when determining spousal support include:

  • The income of each spouse from all sources.
  • Each spouse’s ability to earn money.
  • Assets of each spouse.
  • The responsibilities of each spouse, including other children.
  • The tax consequences of spousal support.
  • How long the marriage lasted.
  • Whether either spouse sacrificed work opportunities to care for children.

Child Support in a High Asset Divorce

In Indiana, both parents are required to contribute financially and emotionally to the upbringing of their children. That means that the non-custodial parent is usually expected to pay child support to the other unless the custodial parent earns significantly more.

The value of child support payments is usually determined by state guidelines. However, for high-net-worth individuals, this may be insufficient to reflect their income and the needs of their children. For example, if the child attends private school, then child support in line with state guidelines will likely be insufficient to pay for schooling. It is possible to deviate from guidelines to ensure child support payments that meet your child’s needs; your high-asset divorce attorney can help you to fight for a fair amount.

Finding The Right Indianapolis High Asset Divorce Lawyer For Women

If you are facing a divorce involving significant assets, then it is essential you have experienced representation. Your attorney will fight to ensure that your financial security is protected and that you can continue the same standard of living after the end of your marriage. As a wife and/or mother, you have rights, and at Woodford Sathappan McGee, we will ensure that you know what they are and that they are considered throughout the divorce proceedings.

If you have never needed an attorney before, then making the right choice can feel like an overwhelming task, so here are a few qualities to look for to ensure the best representation.

Skills in Both Mediation and Litigation

It is essential that your chosen Indianapolis law firm offers both mediation and litigation. Mediation allows you to come to personalized agreements and saves time and money on drawn-out court proceedings. However, most high net worth divorces involve the court, and it is essential that your attorney has the skills and experience necessary to fight for your rights in court. Otherwise, your ex-spouse could end up with the upper hand.

At Woodford Sathappan McGee, all of our divorce attorneys are skilled in both mediation and litigation. We pride ourselves on our ability to handle even the most complex cases and are always prepared to fight fiercely for our clients in the courtroom.

A Local Law Firm Focused on Family Law

High asset divorces require in-depth knowledge of both state and federal laws. Therefore, it is good to find a local law firm, that understands the laws of your state and has the experience to understand how federal legislation may have an impact.

It is also a good sign if your chosen law firm has a narrow focus. If a law firm attempts to represent clients of personal injury, criminal defense, and family law, then only a small percentage of their time might be spent helping clients in a similar position to you. On the other hand, if a law firm focuses on family law in Indiana, then they will be working with people like you day in and day out.

At Woodford Sathappan McGee, we solely represent women facing family law matters in Indiana. We believe that this narrow focus gives us a unique advantage.

Dedicated Support

When you hire a family law firm, you may benefit from the skills, knowledge, and resources of the entire team. However, you should still have one attorney who is dedicated to your case. It is a common experience for women facing divorce to feel isolated. Your attorney is an important source of support, and while you won’t have 24/7 access to them, they should be prompt to answer your questions and take the time to keep you informed about your case.

At Woodford Sathappan McGee, we pride ourselves on our approach to the attorney-client relationship. We will empower you with the knowledge you need to feel confident in your next steps and will listen without judgment to understand your needs.

An Offer of a Free Consultation

Free consultations are important; it is an opportunity for you to find out how much experience your attorney has and what approach they will take to your case. It is also an opportunity for you to decide if you like your potential attorney and feel comfortable speaking with them. Divorce tends to involve highly personal and complex issues, and you need to be able to speak openly without judgment.

A free consultation allows you to make an informed decision before you agree to anything or spend any money. That is why Woodford Sathappan McGee offers a free case evaluation to all potential clients.

High Asset Divorce Lawyer – Katie Woodford

Attorney Katie Woodford has spent her entire career in family law, focusing on high asset divorce, complex custody matters, and high conflict divorce. She helps clients face these complex issues daily, which gives her a unique ability to help clients with high worth and complex assets.

Katie Woodford uses her experience to help her with the goal of supporting women through all stages of divorce so that they are empowered to move forward with their lives in confidence. In 2001, Katie Woodford joined Hari Sathappan, and Natalie McGee started Woodford Sathappan McGee to do exactly that.

High Asset Divorce Lawyer for Women in Indianapolis FAQ

How do I protect particular assets?

Even when a marriage ends on relatively good terms, when it comes to dividing assets, disagreements often emerge. The best way to protect what’s important to you is to seek help from a divorce attorney who will take the time to understand your situation and fight for a positive outcome for your case.

What will happen to the business?

When a divorce involves a self-owned business by either or both parties, then this is often the highest valued asset. Businesses could be considered separate or marital property, or a combination of both. It is essential to worth with a high-net-worth divorce lawyer who can determine how it will be divided (if at all) while protecting the interests of both parties.

What are the tax considerations in a high-asset divorce?

Divided assets are not subject to taxes immediately, but there are tax considerations. Specific assets will face taxes in the future, so it is good to have an understanding of the impact. A high-asset divorce attorney with experience in taxable assets will be able to advise you on how to divide property in a way that meets your goals.

Do I Need to Work with a High Asset Divorce Lawyer?

You are never required to work with a lawyer when facing a divorce. However, if your case involves high assets, then it is highly recommended. An attorney will work to protect your rights and interests and protect your future. No one should have to face divorce alone, and legal assistance can not only help secure a better outcome, but it can also help ease the stress.

How much is a high-asset divorce lawyer?

The cost of representation varies, as each case is unique. When you seek a free consultation, we can discuss how much your specific case is likely to cost so that you can make an informed choice.

Who pays attorney fees?

Usually, each spouse is expected to pay their own legal fees. However, if your ex-spouse earns significantly more, then it is possible that they could be ordered to pay your fees.

What if I discover hidden assets after divorce?

If you discover that your ex-spouse had hidden assets that were not considered in your divorce decree, then you may be able to secure a divorce modification to claim what is rightfully yours. A high-asset divorce attorney can help you evidence your claims and file a motion with the court.

High Asset Divorce Lawyers For Women

At Woodford Sathappan McGee, we are committed to helping women through all family law matters, including high asset property division, divorce, and legal separation, child and spousal support, child custody, high conflict divorce, and more.

The divorce process is often a highly emotional time, and many women do not realize that they have powerful constitutional rights. We will act as your guide in every negotiation and will help you make informed choices. We will also advocate fiercely on your behalf in court to ensure that you can move on from your divorce with financial stability and confidence about the future. From the beginning until the end of your high-asset divorce, we are here to support you.

We believe that our dedication to women, creativity, and firm grasp of the law makes us the best fit for your case.

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