Women’s Guide to Divorce

A Woman’s Guide to Divorce

Men and women approach divorce in quite different ways and often tend to move on after divorce differently as well. As a result, it is natural for men to prefer male attorneys during divorce and for women to consult female divorce lawyers, or lawyers who are familiar with issues unique to women. Because divorce often requires discussing deeply personal topics with your attorney, it is important to choose legal representation from a firm you can trust to always keep your best interests at heart.

Why Hire WSM Law?

Woodford Sathappan McGee is proud to provide legal counsel exclusively to women. We have years of experience handling some of the most challenging divorce cases and understand that every woman will experience the divorce process differently. We take a client-focused approach to divorce representation and know the obstacles most women face in the family court system.

Once you are confronted with divorce proceedings, it is natural to feel uncertain about the situation and unclear about your legal options. Woodford Sathappan McGee provides divorce representation to women and focuses on empowering our clients with the law. You have specific legal rights in marriage and divorce, and we can help you fully exercise them to the fullest extent of the law. No matter what your divorce entails, Woodford Sathappan McGee has the skills, experience, and professional resources to guide you to a satisfactory result in your divorce case. 

Woodford Sathappan McGee is different from most other divorce firms, not only because we focus on representing women, but also because we provide holistic divorce representation beyond the court system. We can help you navigate your legal proceedings while also providing outside support to help you adjust to your post-divorce reality. We routinely work with financial planners, support groups, counselors, and many other services that help our clients handle divorce more easily and streamline their transition to post-divorce life. 

We are proud to represent women throughout Indiana, Michigan, Ohio, and Texas.

How We Can Assist with Your Divorce Case

Divorce is a multifaceted process that typically involves many components. Depending on the details of your situation, you could be facing a straightforward, uncontested divorce with no children and minimal shared assets. Alternatively, you and your spouse may need to determine child custody, child support, and division of your marital assets

Woodford Sathappan McGee has extensive experience handling difficult divorce cases. We know that no two divorces are entirely alike, so we do not take a one-size-fits-all approach to divorce cases. Instead, your team of divorce lawyers for women focuses on comprehensive and individualized legal counsel. We take time to get to know our clients, their goals, their unique needs, and the personal factors that will eventually affect their divorce proceedings. Whatever your divorce case entails, you can trust Woodford Sathappan McGee to help you navigate any potential roadblocks to a positive outcome. 

Property Division 

Some state equitable distribution laws, such as those in Ohio, are commonly misunderstood. The court has a duty to ensure that any property division determination a judge delivers to a divorcing couple is as equitable as possible. This means accounting for both spouses’ contributions, both toward their marriage as well as each other’s careers. We can assist you with your financial disclosure and gather additional evidence to ensure a fair asset division in your divorce. 

Child Custody 

It is natural for any mother to dread a child custody determination. Even if your spouse is a perfectly capable and loving father, the thought of losing time with your children and upending your usual routine can be incredibly distressful. We can help you approach the child custody determination process with clarity. Your team will closely examine every facet of your case to ensure you arrive at a reasonable and fair child custody determination that suits your child’s best interests. We can also assist you after your case concludes if you need enforcement of your child custody order, or if your ex violates the terms of your custody order in any way. 

Child Support 

When divorced parents split custody of their children, one parent may pay child support to the other. Family law in most states upholds that both parents must equally contribute financially to supporting their children after divorce. When one parent is designated the role of residential and legal custodian, the other parent will typically pay them child support to uphold their financial responsibility. 

Woodford Sathappan McGee will ensure that your child support arrangement is fair and reasonable. Additionally, if you encounter any issues in the future that necessitate changes to your child support order, we can help you file a Motion to Modify the existing child support order. 


It is common for divorce to result in some form of alimony or spousal support arrangement especially if the marriage in question was a long-term marriage. If one spouse earned significantly more income than the other, or if one spouse sacrificed their career to be a homemaker, the court must take these factors into account during divorce. The divorce lawyers for women at Woodford Sathappan McGee can help you ensure that your spousal support determination enables you to maintain the same standard of living you enjoyed while married. 


Life is unpredictable, and family law acknowledges this truth. When a civil or criminal case concludes, the resolution is usually set in stone until a successful appeal occurs. Family court provides an alternative to the appeal process with the modification system. When a family court order becomes unreasonable or untenable, any party beholden to the order can petition for a modification to the order to address this change. If you need to alter your family court order after a change in income, an unexpected injury, or a change in your children’s needs, we can assist with your petition and the proceedings that follow. 

Speak With Divorce Lawyers for Women You Can Trust

Woodford Sathappan McGee has established an excellent reputation as some of the best divorce lawyers for women. Our dedicated focus to providing legal counsel to women facing divorce enables us to provide compassionate and detail-oriented guidance to every client we represent. We understand that the divorce process is challenging for women in many ways. Whether you are concerned about child custody or simply want a clean break from a toxic marriage, we can help. Contact Woodford Sathappan McGee today to learn more about our legal services or to find out how our team can assist in your divorce case.