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Our Story

Woodford Sathappan McGee is a litigation firm focused on women’s divorce and all other family law issues. Our mission is to guide, support, and fight for women at all stages of divorce.

Women choose WSM Law because we provide a holistic approach to divorce. At WSM Law, our experienced Divorce Lawyers help women plan for life after divorce. Every strategy decision is targeted toward that goal.

Our Philosophy

A divorce or custody case can be terrifying. You don’t know what to say, how to act, what’s important, what’s not. It is like trying to avoid landmines in the dark.

Turn on the lights.

At WSM Law our Divorce Attorneys empower women with the law. The moment a woman becomes a Wife or a Mother, she is vested with powerful Constitutional rights. Knowledge of the law and of your family’s overall financial picture creates choices, leverage, and valuable peace of mind. At Woodford Sathappan McGee, our goal is for you to make informed decisions about the rest of your life. Our Divorce Lawyers will teach you the law, act as your guide, and advocate vigorously for you in every hearing and settlement negotiation.

Our Attorneys

Our Divorce Lawyers have successfully litigated hundreds of high asset, high conflict divorce and custody cases.

The key to success in high asset cases is a firm grasp of the law, a relentless discovery process, assembling the correct team of experts, creativity, and keeping you, the client, informed about, engaged with, and active in her case. Our Divorce Attorneys are experts at  issues ranging from hidden assets, offshore accounts, and business valuation.

Our high conflict custody cases involve issues ranging from cross-country co-parenting, abuse, and psychological evaluations. In a custody case, anything can happen. The key to success is knowing what matters and, sometimes more importantly, what doesn’t. Keeping track of every little fact or event can be exhausting, and sometimes the things that are actually important are missed. Learning the applicable law helps mothers in a custody fight communicate with the other parent effectively and keep records in a way that will be useful to the court.

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