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Female Divorce Attorneys Dedicated to Representing Women in Hamilton County 

Woodford Sathappan McGee was formed when three experienced family law attorneys came together under a shared goal – to empower women with the knowledge and support they need to feel confident in their lives after divorce. In doing so, they created the only law firm in Hamilton County, OH, to represent women exclusively.

We understand that divorce can involve a lot of emotions, and some women feel more comfortable navigating family law members with a female attorney – and we are more than happy to accommodate. Our female attorneys are highly attuned to the needs of other women and are prepared to guide you through the legal process of your divorce, no matter the circumstances.

Whether you are dealing with your partner’s hidden assets, a history of domestic abuse, or a high-conflict custody case, we will be by your side from start to finish. We will take the time to understand what the important factors are in your case and let you know exactly where you stand. That way, you can communicate more effectively with your ex-spouse and begin to collect evidence relevant to your case.

We take a holistic approach and have the skills, resources, and experience necessary to navigate your divorce case. We will mediate, and draw upon experts when necessary, and we are always prepared to litigate on your behalf.

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How to Find the Best Hamilton County Female Divorce Lawyers

Finding an attorney can be overwhelming. Your divorce decree will set legal obligations on you and your ex-spouse that will impact the rest of your life. It is important that you are confident that you did everything possible to protect your future.

Most family law matters are dictated by state law, so it is a good idea to secure representation from a law firm that is focused on family law in Ohio. Some law firms cover everything from personal injury to tax law, but the best attorney for your case should be dealing with family law matters every day.

Having representation from a local attorney is also important. They will understand state law and probably know the court and the judge who has jurisdiction over your case.

It is also important that your attorney is available to answer your questions. Although the best divorce attorneys in Hamilton County will have a full caseload, they will be able to manage their time and won’t leave you waiting weeks for an answer.

Having good experience in matters that are important in your case should be a significant factor when making your choice. However, it is also essential that you like your attorney and that you feel you can speak openly with them without judgment. If you want to be represented by another woman to make this possible, then a law firm should be more than happy to accommodate you.

At Woodford Sathappan McGee, we focus exclusively on helping women through family law matters in Ohio. We believe that this narrow area of focus gives us a clear advantage when it comes to meeting the needs of women and litigating on behalf of our clients. We are proud of our approach to the attorney-client relationship and will always keep you informed and be prompt to answer your questions.

The best thing you can do is seek out free consultations with potential law firms and then make your decision. So that you can feel prepared, here are a few questions you may want to ask:

Questions to Ask a Potential Divorce Attorney

  • Have you handled cases similar to mine in the past?
  • What are the important factors of my case?
  • How can I contact you?
  • How soon can I expect a response from you if I have a question?
  • What does a good settlement look like in my case and how can we achieve it?
  • How much is representation likely to cost?
  • Do you have experience representing your clients in court successfully?
  • Can you show me testimonials from previous clients?
  • What level of experience do you have handling family law matters in Ohio?

Divorce Considerations For Women in Hamilton County, OH

In Ohio, you may decide on a legal separation or a divorce. Either way, you will need to detangle your lives by addressing important issues such as how property will be divided and who will care for your children.

With help and guidance from your divorce attorney, you could come to your own agreement on the important factors in your case. Where this is impossible, your attorney will litigate for you in court proceedings to secure the best possible outcome.

Divorce proceedings involve complex legal issues, such as:

Child Custody

Child custody in Hamilton County, Ohio, follows the principles of Ohio family law. When parents separate or divorce, the court’s primary consideration is the best interests of the child.

At Woodford Sathappan McGee, children are always our priority, we will help you work out a parenting plan that meets your needs and those of your children.

In Ohio, parents are awarded ‘Parental Rights and Responsibilities.’

  • Parental Rights/Legal Custody – This refers to parents’ rights to make important decisions in their child’s life, such as those involving religion, education, or medicine.
  • Parental Responsibilities/ Physical Custody – This refers to parents’ rights to spend time with their children. Usually, the child’s primary residence will be with one parent, known as the custodial parent, and the non-custodial parent will be awarded visitation. A typical visitation schedule could include every other weekend and one additional evening every week.

It is considered to be in the child’s best interests for parents to share parental rights and responsibilities so that both parents remain involved in the child’s life. However, if there is a reason why one parent should not have rights to their children, then this will need to be evidenced to a judge.

Property Division

Property division will have a big impact on your financial stability post-divorce, and it is essential that you have support from an attorney who truly cares.

Ohio is an equitable distribution state in which property is divided into two categories.

  • Separate Property – Anything that you or your spouse owned before you were married or any gifts and inheritance are separate property. Separate property is not subject to division, meaning it will continue to belong to each individual after marriage.
  • Marital Property – On the other hand, if either party acquired marital property over the course of the marriage, including bank and pension accounts, investments, real estate, and more, it is classed as marital property. Marital property is subject to division, and in equitable distribution states such as Ohio, it must be split in a ‘just and fair manner’.

In equitable distribution states, marital property is not split evenly. Instead, many factors can be considered, such as:

  • The needs of each spouse.
  • The ability of each spouse to earn money.
  • The financial contribution of each spouse.
  • The primary caregiver of the couple’s children.
  • Whether one party gave up job opportunities to care for children.
  • How long the couple was married.


Alimony or spousal support is not always awarded. However, if your attorney can prove that you need spousal support to maintain a standard of living then you may be able to secure it. We understand that many women sacrifice work opportunities to care for a home and children, and we believe this should be considered in your divorce decree.

Child Support

If you are the primary custodian of your children and your spouse earns more than you, then you will be owed child support. Child support can be used to pay for things like shelter, food, toys, education, child care, and more.

Domestic Violence

Thanks to our commitment to women’s needs, we have created a safe space where victims of domestic abuse can openly talk about their experiences. We understand how difficult it is to make those first steps, but we promise to handle your case with the care and dedication it deserves.

First, we will advise you on how to get to a place of safety, and then we will file for an injunction with the court to keep your spouse away from you, that way, you can make decisions from a place of clarity. We will litigate on your behalf and ensure that the court understands the extent of your experiences and that these are taken into account when decisions are made regarding your divorce decree.

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