Same Sex Divorce Lawyer for Women

A couple fighting in an office.Seeking a same sex divorce lawyer for women means looking for someone who understands the unique difficulties you face, as well as the emotional nuances and legal intricacies that are specific to LGBTQ+ relationships. It’s about finding a legal advocate who not only has experience in family law but also possesses a deep sensitivity to the challenges that women in same-sex relationships encounter during the dissolution of their marriage. This includes going through the often convoluted legal system that can include issues of domestic partnership, civil unions, and the recognition of marriage rights that were only recently granted on a national scale.

Reach out to the dedicated team at WSM. Our focus is on empowering women through these challenging times with legal guidance and compassionate support. WSM is proud to represent women throughout Ohio, Indiana, Michigan, and Texas, bringing a deep understanding of LGBTQ+ family law and a commitment to your rights. We’re here to advocate for you every step of the way. 

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Understanding Same Sex Divorce for Women

While same-sex couples are entitled to divorce under the same terms as opposite-sex couples following the Obergefell v. Hodges decision in 2015, the system of same sex divorce cases presents unique complexities. This is particularly true for women in same-sex marriages who encounter issues such as alimony, child custody, and asset division, among others.

In addition, LGBTQ family law entails specific legal considerations, particularly related to gender identity and LGBTQIA+ identities. These intricacies can make the divorce process even more challenging for women in same-sex marriages, necessitating the need for experienced legal representation well-versed in LGBTQ family law.

Legal System and Challenges

The legalization of same-sex marriage across states has ushered in a new era of societal integration and reduced stigma for sexual minority adults. However, discriminatory practices and each state-specific sex divorce law continue to pose unique challenges for same-sex couples seeking a divorce.

Despite these strides towards equality, evidence indicates that discrimination and stigma persist, impacting the legal proceedings for same-sex divorces. This makes it crucial for individuals in same-sex marriages to secure skilled legal counsel who understands these unique challenges and the legal system.

Asset Division and Financial Concerns

Asset division in any divorce can be contentious, but it can be especially difficult in same-sex divorces. Some courts consider the duration of domestic partnerships to determine the commencement of marital property accrual for same-sex couples. This can impact the division of assets, especially since some partnerships existed before the legalization of same-sex marriage.

At WSM, we are dedicated to:

  • Securing fair outcomes through strategic advocacy
  • Identifying hidden assets
  • Equitable distribution, ensuring a fair division of marital assets and debts, either through a 50/50 split of assets or through equalization payments
  • Providing the guidance and support necessary to navigate these financial concerns effectively.

Child Custody and Parental Rights in Same Sex Divorces

Child custody and parental rightsChild custody sign on table with a gavel and eyeglasses. often become contentious issues in any divorce, but they can be particularly complex in same-sex divorces. Despite the legalization of same-sex marriage, structural stigma, such as disparities in parental rights recognition, continues to impact same-sex couples.

Non-biological parents in same-sex marriages may lack formal custody or visitation rights without a parentage judgment. This often leads to no visitation rights if not addressed, making it crucial for non-biological parents to secure legal rights for their children.

Ensuring the Best Interests of the Child

At the heart of any child custody issue is the best interest of the child. It’s essential to prioritize the child’s stability and continuity of care when crafting a parenting plan, as this significantly influences custody decisions in a same-sex divorce.

A well-crafted comprehensive parenting plan can support joint custody or visitation rights for non-biological parents, demonstrating dedication to the child’s best interests. At WSM, we help our clients create detailed parenting plans that showcase their commitment to their child’s well-being.

Modifying Custody Orders

Life is dynamic, and circumstances can change, requiring modifications to custody orders. Our legal team at WSM is here to assist with these modifications. Whether it’s due to a substantial change in circumstances that impacts the child’s best interests or instances of abuse or violence, we’re committed to ensuring the evolving needs of the child are met.

The Divorce Process with WSM

WSM team working together.At WSM, we understand a same-sex divorce can be overwhelming. That’s why we are dedicated to guiding, supporting, and advocating for women throughout all stages of the divorce process. Our majority-female staff focuses their legal practice primarily on representing women in same-sex divorces.

We pride ourselves on going above and beyond for our clients, ensuring comprehensive legal coverage throughout the divorce. Our holistic approach to divorce characterizes our representation, committing to both effective legal guidance and post-divorce support for reorganizing life post-separation. Each skilled divorce attorney is dedicated to providing the best possible service for our clients.

Our Focus on Women’s Divorce and Family Law Issues

Our firm focuses exclusively on representing women in family law matters, specifically in same-sex divorces. As experienced divorce attorneys, we provide personalized legal counsel and are committed to understanding the specific needs and emotional challenges women face during a divorce.

Our team of primarily female attorneys, who are mothers and advocates for women’s rights, offer a unique perspective and understanding. We’re here to create a safe and supportive environment for victims of domestic violence, delivering specific legal services that address women’s legal needs with an emphasis on their family’s well-being.

Comprehensive Legal Services

At WSM, we offer comprehensive legal services ranging from cases involving significant assets to child custody arrangements and support payments. Our goal is to ensure the needs of our clients and their children are met during the divorce process.

WSM is not just your typical family law firm; we are trailblazers in the legal field, actively involved in important and landmark cases. Our dedicated attorneys keep a vigilant eye on cases that could set precedents affecting the rights and lives of our clients. With our finger on the pulse of evolving legal situations, particularly those that may ascend to the Supreme Court, we ensure that our representation is not only current but also influential in shaping the future of LGBTQ+ family law.

We provide detailed guidance on spousal support and alimony, making sure every compensation form is accounted for fairly and reasonably. Our approach to each case is tailored, aiming to understand and prioritize what is important to our clients, thereby maintaining a strong attorney-client relationship.

Protecting Your Rights and Achieving a Favorable Outcome

Protecting your rights and achieving a favorable outcome is of paramount importance in a same-sex divorce. A properly drafted divorce contract defines the rights and obligations of each party, ensuring their interests are protected during and after the divorce.

At WSM, we provide comprehensive legal guidance, including:

  • Filing protection orders
  • Support for women who have experienced abuse in the divorce context
  • Compassionate support along with strategic legal action in cases of domestic violence
  • Securing protection for our clients
  • Advocating for women’s rights
  • Helping clients assert their legal rights throughout the divorce process

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