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In 2001, Katie Woodford, Natalie McGee, and Hari Sathappan created a law firm with a shared goal – to support women in family law matters and to empower them to feel confident and secure in their lives post-divorce. As experienced family law attorneys, they saw a need to do more for women and to arm them with the knowledge they need to protect their future.

WSM is the only law firm in Blue Ash, OH, to exclusively represent women, and we are proud to offer women experienced female representation.

There are many reasons some women would rather work with members of their own sex. Family law matters can bring up personal issues and emotions, and you want someone who understands your needs.

When you retain a Blue Ash female divorce attorney at WSM, they will take the time to understand your goals and guide you through your divorce process so that you know how to communicate effectively with your ex-spouse and how to gather evidence that is relevant to your case. From start to finish, we will be by your side.

We offer holistic support and have handled hundreds of high conflict and high asset divorces. Whatever the circumstances of your case, we have the skills, experience, and resources necessary to help.

Seek professional legal counsel today by contacting WSM and arranging a free consultation at 380-212-3731. Our Blue Ash, OH, lawyers are waiting for your call.

Family Law Issues for Women Facing Divorce in Blue Ash, OH

Whether you decide to file for divorce or legal separation, there will be family law issues that need to be addressed. Initially, you and your ex-spouse may try to come to your own agreements. However, where this is not possible, a family court judge will step in and rule on your behalf.

Divorce proceedings involve a lot of complex legal issues. A Blue Ash divorce attorney at WSM can guide you every step of the way. Some factors you may need to address include:

Child Custody

Child custody is often the most contentious family law matter during a divorce. While decisions must be made based on the child’s best interest, people often disagree about what that means.

At WSM, we always prioritize children in family law matters and will help you and your ex-spouse formulate a parenting plan that fits your needs.

In Ohio, rather than sole custody or joint custody, parents are awarded ‘Parental Rights and Responsibilities.’

  • Parental Rights – Refers to legal custody, which is the right to make important decisions on the child’s behalf, such as where they go to school or what dentist they go to.
  • Parental Responsibilities – Refers to physical custody, which is the time spent with the child. Usually, the child will have a primary residence with the custodial parent, and the non-custodial parent will be awarded visitation, such as every other weekend and one weekday evening.

The court prefers parents to share parental rights and responsibilities, as it is considered to be better for the child if both parents remain heavily involved in their life. However, if you have any reason to believe that your ex-spouse could negatively impact your child, then a Blue Ash child custody lawyer will help you evidence your claims and limit their access to your child.

Property Division

How property is divided will have a big impact on your financial stability post-divorce. Ohio is an equitable distribution state, which means that property is split in a ‘just and fair manner’. In equitable distribution, the property is not split evenly instead, many factors can be taken into consideration, such as:

  • Each spouse’s financial contribution.
  • Each spouse’s needs.
  • Who is the primary custodian of children.
  • The earning capacity of each spouse.
  • The length of the marriage.

The first task of your Blue Ash female divorce lawyer will be to divide the property into separate and marital.

  • Separate Property – Any property that you or your spouse owned before you married is considered separate property and will continue to belong to each individual after marriage. Gifts and inheritance are also often considered separate property.
  • Marital Property – Any property that you or your spouse gained while you were married to each other is considered marital property and is subject to division upon divorce. Marital property can include pension accounts, real estate, investments, vehicles, bank accounts, and more. Your Blue Ash female divorce attorney will help you determine what a fair property division looks like in your case.

At WSM, we have extensive experience in high-asset divorce cases. If your spouse has hidden assets or offshore accounts, then we can help.

Spousal Support

Spousal support is not awarded in every case. It is only awarded in situations where one spouse earns significantly less than the other and requires spousal support to maintain the same standard of living that they have become accustomed to. We work with many women who have sacrificed work opportunities to care for children and a home, this should also be considered when determining if you are owed spousal support.

Child Support

Parents have a legal obligation to contribute to their children’s upbringing financially. If your ex-spouse is the higher earner and you are the primary custodian, then you should be owed child support.

Domestic Violence

Thanks to our dedication to women, many victims of domestic abuse turn to us for help, and we have the skills and experience necessary to offer the dedication and care these cases deserve.

At WSM, we will act quickly to help you get somewhere safe and will work tirelessly to ensure that the judge overseeing your case understands the extent of your experiences.

Navigating Post-Divorce Issues in Blue Ash, OH

Once a divorce has been finalized, it is a big relief for everyone involved. If you secured high-quality legal representation, then you should be walking away feeling positive about your future. However, sometimes the settlement you achieved no longer fits your or your family’s needs. When this happens, WSM is on hand to offer post-divorce support.

Divorce Modification

Although a divorce decree is a legally binding document, the family court also understands that life changes, and sometimes a decree needs to be changed. For example, perhaps your child’s needs have changed, you want to relocate, or you have a new job.

Whatever the reason, you cannot stop abiding by the conditions of your divorce decree until you have successfully filed a motion for modification. Your attorney will help you with evidence that there has been a ‘substantial change’. If you have children, the change must also be in their best interests.

Contempt Proceedings

If your ex-spouse fails to meet their obligations, such as not paying child support, your divorce attorney can help you file a contempt proceeding. The court can garnish their wages or seize their assets to enforce compliance.

Child support payments never disappear, and your ex-spouse will be forced to repay every cent they owe you, sometimes with interest. You should not take matters into your own hands, for example, by refusing visitation, as this will mean that you are also guilty of contempt. Instead, you should seek professional help.

How to Find the Best Blue Ash Female Divorce Lawyers

Most people facing divorce have never needed an attorney before, which can make finding the right law firm feel overwhelming. If you are looking for a female attorney in Ohio who will dedicate themselves to your case and will be available to support you no matter the complexity of your case, then we believe we are the right people for your case.

However, we want you to be confident as well. That is why we recommend you seek a free consultation so that you can seek answers to your questions. It is also important that you feel you can talk to your divorce attorney without judgment, so your consultation is also an opportunity to find out if you like your potential representation.

Here are some questions you might like to ask in your initial consultation.

Questions to Ask a Potential Divorce Lawyer

  • What does a good settlement look like in my case, and how will we get there?
  • What does your fee structure look like?
  • How long do you think my case will take?
  • Do you have experience litigating in a family court?
  • Do you have experience handling cases with similar complexities to mine?
  • How will I contact you?
  • How quick will you be to answer my questions?
  • How long have you practiced family law in Ohio?
  • Can I see independent reviews from your previous clients?

An experienced family law attorney should be able to quickly determine what the important issues are in your case, and they should be able to provide a quick timeline. They should also be there to support you, and while an experienced attorney will have a full caseload, they should still be prompt to answer your questions.

An Introduction to Our Female Divorce Attorneys

Our team comprises exceptional women who are dedicated to helping other women navigate divorce. Here is a quick introduction to two of our female lawyers in Blue Ash, OH.

Attorney Katie Woodford

Many women give up their careers to raise children, and when they divorce, they are suddenly faced with having to support themselves. Katie aims to give women peace of mind by empowering them with knowledge of their rights and options for the future.

Katie’s entire career has been focused on family law, with extensive experience in high asset and high conflict custody and divorce matters. She has what it takes to navigate even the most emotional situations.

Attorney Natalie McGee

Natalie McGee is committed to advocating for the rights of women and takes pride in helping them transition to a new and better life. She has extensive experience negotiating with Guardian ad Litem, and litigating child-related issues. Natalie is also dedicated to defending women in criminal matters and helping victims of domestic violence and other abuse.

Contact a Blue Ash Female Divorce Lawyer

The legal system is complex, and to protect your future, you need a family lawyer with the skills and experience necessary to navigate your case and who truly cares about your future.

If you are looking for a female attorney in Blue Ash, OH, then you have come to the right place. We exclusively represent women in family law matters in Ohio, which means we are highly attuned to your needs and understand how to secure the best life possible for you post-divorce.

Remember, your divorce decree will place legal obligations on you for many years to come, so it is essential that you do everything possible for yourself and your family. At WSM, our goal is for you to look back, feeling confident that you did just that.

Contact our law office today at 380-212-3731 to schedule a free consultation.

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