Columbus Divorce Lawyer For Women

Women often find it particularly hard to navigate a divorce, especially when they have made sacrifices for children and a home and are now left anxious about what the future as a single woman will look like. You may even be concerned about what family members will think, and how custody issues will be resolved.

At WSM we have dedicated our law firm exclusively to women in family law issues. Our Columbus divorce lawyers are highly skilled and able to provide the legal assistance you need while taking the time to understand your unique situation.

Our goal is to leave you feeling confident about your future.

A family law attorney from WSM will help you navigate all the important issues associated with legal separation, including division of marital assets, child custody, and alimony. These issues could affect how you live the rest of your life, and we are here to provide the legal guidance you need to secure a bright future.

Don’t face the legal process alone, especially if you’re going through a complex divorce involving children, or high-net assets. We are here to provide a professional but personalized approach, and we will do everything possible to protect your interests.

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What Our Divorce Attorneys Can Do For You

At WSM, we prioritize negotiation and mediation whenever possible. You may believe that it would be impossible for you and your ex-spouse to come to an agreement amicably. However, our trained mediators are prepared to handle even the most complex cases.

Minimizing court involvement saves you time and money. Your attorney will help you form a plan that works for you and your family, and one which is likely to be approved by the Judge. If there are any lingering issues, or you are unable to come to any agreements, then we will be equally prepared to fight for you in court.

We will ensure that your interests are protected and that you are supported throughout divorce proceedings. We can also provide legal guidance on post-divorce matters such as contempt proceedings and divorce modifications.

Our approach to the attorney-client relationship means that we retain a stellar level of communication and prioritize your needs.

Divorce Considerations in Columbus, OH

A divorce lawyer from WSM will help protect your well-being by guiding you through all divorce considerations and ensuring that you can move on to the next chapter of your life with confidence.

Your divorce case may include considerations such as:

Property Division

Property division is a crucial aspect of any divorce case. Ohio is an equitable distribution state. Unlike community property states, the goal is fairness, rather than a 50/50 split of marital property.

In Ohio, marital property is split into two types:

Separate Property

Separate property is anything that belonged to an individual prior to marriage, or anything inherited. Separate property remains each individual’s property after divorce.

Marital Property

Marital property is all property acquired during the course of the marriage, including real estate, investments, vehicles, stocks and bonds, pensions, and joint bank accounts. When splitting marital property in Ohio, the court will consider factors such as each spouse’s contribution and needs, who is the primary custodian of any children, the length of the marriage, and more. A family law attorney from WSM will help you come to an arrangement using mediation where possible on the division of assets.

Spousal Support/Alimony

It is common for women to make sacrifices in their careers to care for the home and the children. That is why securing spousal support can be so integral to divorce proceedings. Even in cases where there are no children involved, usually, the highest-earning spouse will be required to pay alimony to the other after a divorce. You should seek help from a divorce lawyer who can ensure you receive a fair amount.

At WSM, our divorce lawyers will make sure that any hidden assets, business, stock bonds, or overseas real estate are all taken into account. We understand how important it is that your financial future is secure after divorce, and we can provide the legal counsel you need throughout the entire process.

Child Custody

In any family dispute involving children, child custody is usually one of the most hotly debated legal issues. In Ohio, parents are awarded ‘parenting rights and responsibilities, which cover the right to make decisions on a child’s behalf, and time spent with the child.

Unless there is a reason not to, the court will aim to keep both parents heavily involved in a child’s life. However, it usually makes the most sense for one parent to become the residential parent, while the other is awarded visitation. A typical visitation schedule might be one weekday evening and every other weekend.

Child Support

Usually whoever earns the most will also need to pay child support, unless they have custody of the child for the majority of the time themselves.

Domestic Violence

Our dedication to women makes us particularly adept at handling cases involving domestic violence. We will handle your case with the care and commitment it needs. We know it can be difficult to ask for help, but we can help get you to a place of safety and will file for a protection order to keep your ex-spouse away from you. We can also make sure that the court knows about your experiences, which will be essential if you want to file for sole custody.

Following abuse, you need a law firm that has handled divorce cases involving domestic violence before and that has the legal experience necessary to protect you and your family. At WSM we will do everything we can for your case, while also lending a sympathetic ear when you need it.

Family Law Matters After Divorce in Columbus, OH

At WSM our legal services go beyond the divorce process. We can support our clients in family law matters, including issues that might present themselves after a divorce has already been finalized.

Divorce Modification

When your divorce is finalized you will have a divorce decree that sets out legal obligations on all the factors mentioned above.

However, the court also understands that sometimes life gets in the way, and agreements you once made may no longer be viable, or they may no longer be in the best interests of your children.

Therefore, the court in Columbus, OH will allow modifications, but they do not come easily. A family law attorney will help you gather evidence for ‘substantial change in circumstances’.

Examples of grounds for a divorce modification include relocation, changing needs of the child, illness, changes to income, or discovery of hidden assets.

Contempt Proceedings

If your ex-spouse violates the terms of an order, then you could be feeling incredibly frustrated. A divorce attorney can help you to file contempt proceedings against them.

The court can seize their assets, or even threaten a jail sentence to ensure compliance. Or you may be able to use non-compliance as grounds to have your order changed.

Divorce Lawyer FAQ

How long does a divorce take in Ohio?

How long your divorce takes depends on the number of contested issues. An uncontested divorce will take at least four months. Divorce proceedings for more complex cases can take up to two years or longer.

Your divorce attorney at WSM will help you to move the process along quickly by using mediation to resolve as many issues as possible.

Can I be represented by another woman?

We are a proud female-led law firm. We understand that many women would rather be represented by a female attorney in Ohio, OH.

It may be because you feel more comfortable talking to another woman, or you want to speak to someone with shared experiences of motherhood and divorce, whatever the reason, we can help.

Do grandparents have custody and visitation rights?

While parents have constitutional rights to their children, if the parents are not in a position to care for their children then grandparents can sometimes be awarded parental rights.

However, it isn’t easy. If you are a grandmother hoping to become the primary caregiver for your grandchildren, then we can help.

What are temporary orders in Ohio?

Divorce decrees take time, especially where children are involved. Therefore, it is common for the court to issue a temporary order, which places obligations on ex-spouses while their divorce goes through.

A temporary order may give out temporary parental rights and responsibilities, prevent ex-spouses from talking to one another, or give one spouse the right to stay in the family home.

Do courts favor the mother over the father?

In Ohio, the Court is required to make decisions without any gender bias, which means that men and women should be treated equally in family law.

How much does a divorce cost in Ohio?

The cost of divorce is dependent on the details of your case. We can tell you how much your case should cost in a free consultation and will strive to keep costs down as much as possible using mediation.

Who pays for attorney fees in Ohio?

Usually, people are responsible for their own attorney fees. However, if your ex-spouse is significantly more wealthy than you, then you may be able to get your costs reimbursed.

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WSM is the only family law firm in the Columbus area to provide legal representation exclusively to women. This gives us a unique ability to support women, and meet their needs.

Our goal is for you to feel confident that your life as a single woman will be positive and full of new opportunities.

We have created a safe space for women to talk about their experiences, while also having the legal skills, resources, and experience necessary to handle your case and protect your interests.

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