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A gavel sitting on a desk next to a pile of 100-dollar bills. If you are facing a high asset divorce and don’t know what step to take next our female divorce lawyer has years of experience navigating the intricacies of family court and will help you obtain a fair settlement.

When confronted with divorce, women need to turn to someone who can guide them through the legal process and provide them with support and guidance. Someone who understands what they are going through.

At Woodford Sathappan McGee, we are committed to providing comprehensive and compassionate support exclusively to women. We understand the unique challenges women face and will work tirelessly to secure a positive outcome for our clients and their children.

Legal separation can affect you for the rest of your life, and it is essential that you have representation from someone who is prioritizing your needs. We will help you navigate your divorce and will continue to support you in reorganizing your life after ending your marriage.

At Woodford Sathappan McGee, we focus solely on family law services for women. In doing so, we are able to provide personalized legal representation in Cincinnati, OH.

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How to Begin The Divorce Process in Ohio

To begin a divorce process in Cincinnati, OH, one party must first file a Complaint about Divorce with the family court. The court will then serve the other spouse’s divorce papers.

They will then need to submit an Answer and Counterclaim. If both parties agree, then the petition for dissolution can also be filed jointly.

What are The Next Steps of the Divorce Process?

At this point, the divorce can proceed in different ways. It is rare for spouses to agree on all family law matters, have no children, and own limited assets, but if this is the case, then an uncontested divorce can move forward fairly quickly.

Usually, there are some areas of dispute, whether it is custody of children, property division, who keeps the family home, spousal support, or any other issues. The best way to navigate these issues is through representation from your divorce lawyers in Cincinnati, OH.

At Woodford Sathappan McGee can, we can provide comprehensive legal counsel throughout all legal proceedings. With your best interests at heart, we will use the skills of mediation and minimize court involvement. Where this is not possible, we will fight fiercely for your rights every step of the way.

Dispute Resolution in Cincinnati, OH

The legal team at Woodford Sathappan McGee is highly skilled in mediation and negotiation. We know that most of our clients want to move their divorce proceedings along quickly and with as little stress as possible.

Our unique skills allow us to offer the highest quality dispute resolution, which helps our clients settle divorce cases with as little court involvement as possible. Our methods save our clients time and money and protect their children from a lengthy court battle.

We are prepared to handle even the most complex cases and will use mediation to protect your interests and the interests of any children involved. At the same time, if your ex-spouse is unwilling to cooperate, we will be prepared to fight for your interests in court while continuing to streamline divorce litigation however we can. 

Divorce Considerations

A divorce attorney at Woodford Sathappan McGee can guide you through all family law issues.

With experienced representation, you protect yourself, your future, and your children.

We can help you secure a positive outcome in divorce matters such as:

Property Division

Property division is a highly contested issue and one that can secure your financial future if distributed fairly. Woodford Sathappan McGeecan can help you, and your spouse come to an agreement using mediation.

Ohio is an equitable distribution state, which means the property is split into two types of property, separate and marital.

Separate Property

Separate property is anything that each party either owned before they were married or inherited. Separate property belongs to the individual and will continue to do so after divorce.

Marital Property

Marital property is all the property a couple attained during the course of their marriage, such as vehicles, homes, investments, joint bank accounts, and pensions.

In equitable distribution states, each spouse is entitled to ‘fair and just’ shares of marital property after legal separation. This does not equate to 50/50 splits like in many other states.

Instead, the goal of equitable distribution is fairness. The court will consider factors such as the contribution of each spouse, the length of the marriage, and each spouse’s needs.

Child Custody

For many of our clients, determining child custody and working out a parenting plan that works for them and their child is the most important thing. It can feel overwhelming, but a divorce lawyer can guide you through the process and can help secure the right outcome.

You and your partner can try to come to an agreement on the Allocation of Parental Rights and Responsibilities.

However, the court will only approve it if they believe it is in the child’s best interests. In general, the court will want to create as little disruption to the child’s life as possible while keeping both parents in the child’s life.

Child Support

In Ohio, both parents are required to contribute financially to the upbringing of the child. The Ohio family court will usually enforce child support obligations on the spouse that earns the most unless they themselves are the primary custodian.

However, it is a good idea to have a divorce attorney by your side who can help secure a fair child support agreement.

Spousal Support/Alimony

The higher-earning spouse may also be required to pay spousal support to the other. Alimony is designed to ensure that both parties can maintain the same standard of living despite the divorce. The court will also consider factors such as if one spouse left a job or sacrificed work opportunities to care for a home or children.

Although possible, it is difficult to change a spousal support order once a divorce decree is finalized. This is something that could affect you for the rest of your life, and it is essential that your financial interests are protected so that you can continue your life with confidence.

A divorce lawyer at Woodford Sathappan McGee can provide the legal assistance necessary to secure your future. We will make sure that all assets are taken into account, such as benefits stocks, properties, deferred compensation, and more.

Domestic Violence

At Woodford Sathappan McGee, we are adept at handling divorce cases involving domestic violence. Our dedication to women gives us a unique set of skills that allows us to give cases involving domestic violence the care and commitment they need.

Our divorce attorneys will help you to get to a place of safety and work to secure a protection order for you and your family. We will work with you to collect evidence and ensure that the court understands the extent of your experiences.

If necessary, we can also help make sure that your ex-spouse has limited access to your child.

Family Law Matters Beyond Divorce

A female divorce lawyer for women in Cincinnati sitting at her desk looking over legal documents for a high asset divorce and child custody case. Our talented attorneys are here to help women obtain a fair outcome when facing divorce.

Divorce lawyers at Woodford Sathappan McGee are highly experienced in all family law matters. That means that we can support you both throughout the divorce process and beyond.

Divorce Modification

Once a divorce decree is finalized, it is legally binding. However, the court understands that circumstances change, and they do allow modifications. Modifications do not come easily, and it must be evidenced why you need it changed.

A divorce lawyer can help you submit a motion for modification with the court and will ensure that you have the evidence needed to justify changes. Potential justifications for modifications include relocation, illness, changes in income, changing needs of the child, or the discovery of hidden assets.

Contempt Proceedings

If your ex-spouse repeatedly violates the terms of your divorce decree, then you can hold them accountable by filing a contempt proceeding.

For example, if they continually fail to pay child support, the court can seize their property or even serve them a jail sentence to ensure compliance.

A divorce lawyer at Woodford Sathappan McGee will provide the legal guidance you need to file a contempt proceeding and do everything possible to streamline the experience. 


How much does a divorce cost in Ohio?

The cost of divorce in Cincinnati, OH, is dependent on many factors, such as whether there are children involved and whether spouses can come to agreements using mediation. When you contact Woodford Sathappan McGee, we can discuss the details of your individual case and can give you an idea of how much it could cost.

Do I really need to hire a divorce attorney?

In Ohio, you are allowed to file for a legal separation without a divorce lawyer. However, considering the huge impact that a divorce decree will have on your life and the lives of your children, it is better to have the support of an attorney. They will ensure that your best interest is protected and will give you the best chance at a positive outcome.

Can I change my name at the time of divorce in Ohio?

Yes, in Ohio, you can incorporate a name change into a divorce decree.

Who pays attorney fees?

Usually, each party pays for its own attorney but if one spouse has significantly more financial standing than the other, the court may order the other spouse to be compensatory. A divorce attorney can help you with this.

How long will my divorce case take?

Every divorce case is unique, and how long a divorce takes depends on the number of contested issues. Even a straightforward, uncontested divorce takes 45-90 days, and more complex cases can take up to a year. At Woodford Sathappan McGee, we are committed to moving your case forward as quickly as possible while ensuring your interests are protected.

What if my spouse does not want the divorce?

If your spouse does not want a divorce, they may contest it. The judge can order marriage counseling or a mediator prior to hearing testimony. However, your divorce lawyer can help you evidence proper grounds for divorce so that you can move forward.

How many years do you have to be married to get alimony in Ohio?

Ohio does not have a minimum number of years of marriage for alimony to be awarded.

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