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Blue Ash High-Conflict Divorce Lawyer For Women

The vast majority of divorces involve some level of conflict, but those considered ‘high conflict’ are different. These situations usually involve damaging relationship dynamics that existed while the couple was still together, such as controlling, narcissistic, and abusive behavior. The result is often a divorce which is more destructive, emotionally draining, and complex.

You should not try to navigate a high-conflict divorce alone. It is essential that you have the support of an experienced family law attorney who has handled cases like yours before and understands the care and dedication they require.

WSM – Providing Exceptional Representation to Women in High Conflict Divorce

WSM is the only family law practice in the Blue Ash, OH, area to represent women exclusively. We believe that this gives us a unique ability to meet women’s needs, especially when it comes to navigating a high-conflict divorce.

Many women who face high-conflict divorce do not realize that they have powerful constitutional rights. Using our experience, skills, and resources, we will help you to come back to a place where you can take strong action.

The best way to deal with an emotionally abusive spouse is to constrain them with boundaries of place, time, and other specifics. We will act as your guide in each and every negotiation and will empower you to take back your power. If necessary, we will also be prepared to stand for you in front of a family court judge.

Remember your divorce papers are legally binding, and how family law issues such as child custody, child support, property division, and spousal support are resolved in a divorce and could affect you for the rest of your life. Do not let an abusive partner control the situation; arm yourself with the tools you need to protect your rights and interests and secure a bright future.

Our goal is to reignite your confidence. We will be your advocate from beginning to end while giving you the information and tools you need to make informed decisions.

Contact our law office today at 380-212-3731 to schedule a free consultation with a high-conflict family law lawyer.

When is a Divorce Considered High Conflict?

Almost all divorces involve some conflict. However, a high-conflict divorce involves high levels of emotional and potential abuse and danger to those involved. The most common are dealing with someone with a high conflict personality, emotionally abusive behavior, mental illness, contested divorces, custody disputes, physical abuse, and substance misuse.

Dealing With a High Conflict Personality

Some people have high conflict personalities, and these individuals tend to think of constant conflict as normal. They tend to approach situations as if they are victims, which they believe gives them permission to act in inappropriate ways.

High conflict individuals tend to escalate conflict and disagreement; they constantly blame others and have no insight into how destructive their behavior is, and quickly become offended when you try to question their actions.

While most people with professional mediation services from a family lawyer can come to compromises and solutions, a high-conflict individual may not be interested in this. Their pattern is to create conflict and tension. Unfortunately, they are unlikely to change, and often divorce is the only option.

Signs of a high conflict individual include:

  • Playing the victim and blaming others.
  • Manipulating behavior.
  • All-or-nothing attitude.

Emotionally Abusive

A high conflict personality often leads to emotional abuse. However, it comes in many forms. Emotional abuse often starts off as subtle behavior during the marriage, and when the couple separates, it is common for those behaviors to intensify.

The challenges can feel relentless and mentally exhausting. It is important that you have a divorce attorney who specializes in these types of cases. They will not allow the situation to be controlled by the emotionally abusive spouse and will ensure that your rights and interests are prioritized.

Common examples are:

  • Gaslighting behaviors which involve making someone question things they know to be true.
  • Always blaming other people.
  • Little capacity for introspection.
  • Inability to accept responsibility.
  • All-or-nothing mentality.
  • Threatening behaviors.
  • Controlling and manipulative behavior, whether consciously or unconsciously.
  • A lot of yelling and screaming.

Contested Divorce

A contested divorce is where couples cannot agree on important issues such as property division or child custody. While it is common for divorcing spouses to need support negotiating the terms of their divorce, in a high conflict divorce, one spouse may refuse to negotiate, or any attempts at discussion might break down quickly.

When divorcing spouses cannot come to agreements using mediation and negotiation, the Judge will make final judgments. It is essential that you have a Blue Ash divorce attorney who has litigated similar cases to yours in the past and knows how to represent you in a courtroom best.

Substance Abuse

Another type of high-conflict divorce involves substance abuse. These situations need to the dedication of an experienced attorney, especially if children are involved. If one partner is struggling with alcohol or substance misuse, then this may become intensified after separation, and children must be protected. Their actions may be unpredictable, unstable, and potentially dangerous, such as driving with children in the car while under the influence.

Mental Illness

In some circumstances, a mental illness can become serious enough that it can lead to high-conflict divorce. Sometimes couples are together for a long time before the extent of one party’s mental illness comes to light, and if they refuse professional help, then divorce could become the only option.

Physical Abuse / Domestic Violence

Physical abuse is an incredibly serious form of domestic abuse and requires police notification. Your attorney will get to work quickly to file a Personal Protection Order, which will place a legal obligation on your ex-spouse to stay away from you and your children. Your attorney will also know how to evidence your claims so that the court understands the extent of your experiences.

It is common for the abused partner to feel trapped and unable to leave. We know how difficult it is to take those first steps, but it is essential that you seek legal support as quickly as possible. We will help keep you safe and will fight fiercely on your behalf.

Custody Disputes

Some of the most difficult high conflict divorces involve complex custody disputes. Sometimes, one or both parents use children as a tool to manipulate the situation. This inevitably harms children. It is essential that children’s needs are prioritized in all family law matters, and an experienced divorce lawyer will make sure that happens.

Signs That Your Divorce is High Conflict

Although high-conflict divorces can take many forms, there are some common signs that you can look for. It is beneficial to identify a high conflict divorce early on so that you can get the proper support.

Some signs that your divorce could become high-conflict include:

  • A history of emotional, physical, or financial abuse.
  • A high volume of text and email communications.
  • A need for a protection order.
  • Multiple lawyers have worked on the case already.
  • An inability to come to compromises.
  • Your ex-spouse may choose a lawyer who is known to be combative themselves.
  • Alternating periods between calm and chaos.

How Can a High-Conflict Divorce Impact My Children?

Divorce is always difficult for children. However, when conflict is high, it is inevitably even more challenging for children as well. You should try to shield them as much as you can by:

  • Never discussing the specifics of your divorce with them.
  • Do not involve them in any arguments.
  • Never send messages to your ex via your children.
  • Do not express your negative feelings towards your ex with them.
  • Use children as a way to manipulate or punish your ex.

Child Custody in a High Conflict Divorce

Family law in Ohio always prioritizes the needs of children and looks to keep both parents in children’s lives as much as possible unless one parent poses a clear danger to them. While you might believe that your ex should not have access to your children, the law might not agree. Unless your ex is neglectful or abusive to your children, the level of conflict you have with them will not affect custody arrangements.

A difficult spouse does not always equate to a bad parent, so you should try and facilitate visits and keep things as amicable as possible when it comes to your children.

If you do believe that your ex-spouse poses a danger to your children, then you will need a divorce attorney to help you evidence your claims. It may be possible for you to fight for sole custody, but even so, you may still need to help facilitate supervised visits. It is essential that you abide by court orders and do not use your children as a way to manipulate your ex. For example, if you refuse visitation because of missed child support payments, then you could be found guilty of contempt.

How to Handle a High Conflict Divorce in Blue Ash, OH

If your divorce is showing signs of being high conflict, then it is imperative that you have the support of a high-conflict divorce attorney. Your divorce attorney must have experience with these types of family law cases so that they can take appropriate measures to protect your well-being and your rights. With the right support, you will gain invaluable insight through your divorce and going forward.

Apart from securing experienced legal representation, there are also things you can do to protect yourself. Maintaining personal boundaries is key, which means deciding what your goals are and not allowing yourself to become sidetracked. For example, perhaps custody or property division is the most important and worth fighting for; these are the issues you will stick to in your negotiations.

When it comes to dealing with your ex-spouse on a daily basis, here are some tips for keeping conflict as low as possible:

Recognize Your Spouse’s Behaviors

People who thrive on conflict often use manipulative tactics to get the conversation to go their way. Whether they invoke sympathy, threaten you, or gaslight you. Watch out for attempts to manipulate you and try to stop the behavior by pointing it out or walking away.

Maintain Boundaries

Boundaries are challenging. However, it is important to remember that you don’t have to stay in an argument. You can walk away or turn off your phone. You are not responsible for their emotions, and you can’t change their behavior, but you can control your own response.

Take Care of Yourself

High conflict divorces are extremely stressful, so it’s essential you take time for self-care. Speak with a therapist or coach, confide in your family and friends, and make time for activities you enjoy as well as relaxation.

Blue Ash High Conflict Divorce Lawyer for Women – Katie Woodford

Attorney Katie Woodford has been practicing family law for her entire career. She specializes in high conflict and high-asset divorce and complex custody matters. She deals with these types of cases day-in and day-out, which gives her a distinct advantage in handling even the most high-conflict situations.

Katie Woodford and her partners, Natalie McGee and Hari Sathappan opened WSM in 2021 to support women through divorce. Natalie has a passion for women facing high conflict divorces and aims to empower them to feel confident about their future.

What If I Am the Cause of the Conflict?

If you are concerned that you might be the cause of the high level of conflict in your divorce, then being aware is the first step to making positive changes. You should speak to a therapist or coach and ask for help in identifying your negative patterns of behavior.

With the right help, you can learn how to communicate without conflict, which will make the divorce process much easier for everyone, including yourself. You should also ask for the support of your friends and family, who may be able to help you identify and reduce your negative habits.

Finding The Best Blue Ash High Conflict Divorce Attorney For Women

In a high-conflict divorce case, the right representation is essential. It is important that your attorney understands your situation and is able to help you avoid manipulation while protecting your rights and interests.

Whether You Feel Comfortable Speaking to Your Attorney

In a high-conflict divorce, it’s important that you feel comfortable speaking with your divorce attorney. You need to be able to speak openly with them without feeling judged. Your family law attorney not only provides legal services, they are also a source of support. Some family law firms offer free case evaluations, which is a great opportunity for you to decide whether you like them.

Skills in Mediation and Litigation

Mediation is an important aspect of any divorce; it allows couples to come to a compromise and come to agreements without the help of the family court system. This saves time and money and is always for personalized arrangements.

However, high conflict divorces often involve court involvement. Therefore, it is essential that your attorney has the skills necessary to fight for your rights in court.

Personalized Support

If you are facing a high conflict divorce, you likely feel isolated and concerned for your own future as well as the wellbeing of your children and the reaction from friends and family. Even a more standard divorce is often one of the most difficult things a person goes through, and a high conflict divorce is even more challenging.

It is important you feel supported throughout your divorce proceeding, and although a skilled high conflict divorce attorney may have a full caseload, they should still make time to keep you informed and guide your through your divorce proceedings. They should also be prompt to respond to you when you need to contact them.

Knowledge of State and Federal Law

In order to secure a good outcome in a high-conflict divorce, a deep understanding of both state and federal law is necessary. You should look for a law firm that is local to Ohio and has a focus on family law. This means they will have an in-depth understanding of the laws relevant to your case. If they are local to you, they may also know the judge overseeing your case, which will allow them to tailor their advice.

Questions to Ask Potential Divorce Attorneys

Once you find a law firm you like the look of, your first job will be to seek a consultation. This will be an opportunity for you to find out about your potential attorneys’ level of experience, as well as whether you feel comfortable speaking to them.

Some potential questions you may like to ask include:

  • How much experience do you have in high conflict divorces?
  • Can you show me reviews from your previous clients?
  • What does a good settlement look like in my case, and what approach will you use to get there?
  • Are you a trained mediator?
  • Do you have courtroom experience?
  • How easily can I contact you, and how soon can I expect a response?
  • How much will representation cost?
  • How much of your time is spent on Ohio family law?

Speak To a Family Law Attorney At WSM Today

At WSM, our narrow focus – supporting women in family law matters in Ohio, gives us a clear advantage. We are committed to supporting women throughout the divorce process so that they can leave their marriage feeling empowered and confident about their future.

We take a personalized approach to the attorney-client relationship; we always empower the women we work with knowledge about the laws relevant to their case. We keep them informed throughout the process and are always prompt to answer their questions.

We have successfully mediated and litigated hundreds of high conflict divorces, including those involving domestic violence, custody disputes, high assets, emotional abuse, substance misuse, and more.

Contact our law offices today at 380-212-3731 to schedule a free consultation with an experienced lawyer who is ready to dedicate themselves to your case.